How about a house with a garden big enough for a hot tub and bbq?

Kevin Bridges was in town last week, ticket prices were $80 (£45) so pretty much the same as the UK. We didn’t go as we saw him in Dundee previously. Everyone here is getting excited about Mrs Brown’s Boys coming here in February. We also have the Military Tattoo up in Wellington in February which is the same one performed in Edinburgh in August so we will try and go to that.

It’s the Race and Cup Week and A&P Show in November which seems to be like having the Royal Highland Show on at the same time as the Grand National so Christchurch should be busy. It’s a local holiday on the Friday of that week so everyone should get a chance to go. They have a section for Clydesdale horses at the A&P Show so I’m looking forward to that.

Our housemate Rhonda took me to the veggies by the roadside places on the outskirts of town, the first one was very high spec in a large purpose built, air conditioned building whereas the others were less sophisticated and less pricey. All had an amazing range of fruit and veg, fresh honey and one sold ice cream. Our fridge is packed like a game of Tetris!

We went looking at houses last weekend to get an idea of what we could afford and see how they differ from Scottish homes. In NZ they auction most houses and have open houses for half an hour usually at the weekend. Anyone can show up and you don’t need to book in advance. The house in this main blog picture was lovely but had two problems – the first was it wasn’t clean ie dirty bathrooms, light switches covered in lots of black marks etc, the second was it was close to a main road so you heard all the traffic go by but the layout was great, lots of natural light and a good sized garden and plenty bedrooms for our visitors. If you fancy being nosey like we were here’s the link

The house we are staying in and the one next door are for sale. The houses are only 9 months old but the owner wants the equity to build more houses. They expect a foreign investor, probably from South Korea, will buy it but it shouldn’t change much for us as it will still be let in the same way. They came and took pictures today including our room and I got a bar of chocolate for letting them take pictures – result!


I went to the hospital this week to do more work for Chris’s boss, I think he is enjoying having someone who can do advanced Excel to improve how they do some things in the department. I’ve been asked to go back next week for some more problem solving.

Since we’ve had the computer for a week now I thought it was time I started my Project Management course (PRINCE2 Practitioner level), I did the entry level back in April and hoping to sit the exam for this at the end of October. I have also ordered a book on Google Analytics from the library, I may as well get my skills up before I start job hunting.

The elections finished last Saturday and it still isn’t clear. National got 58 seats (46%), Labour got 45 seat (36%), the NZ First party got 9 seats (7.5%) and the Green Party got 7 seats (5.9%). They need 60 seats so currently Winston Peters, leader of the NZ First Party has the power as he decides which party to enter into coalition with so country is in limbo for a few weeks.

Well that’s it for another week, It’s now over two months since we left Scotland but feels like longer. Everyone in Scotland talks about bad weather, putting heating on etc while we have longer days, it gets slightly warmer each week and watching all the trees turning green. I better start planning Christmas in the sun.


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