Some goodies from Scotland

We went to the farmer’s market last week at Riccarton House and Bush. It was very well organised, most of the food was to eat there and then rather than to take home but there was a great selection of high quality food. Chris opted for a foot long Danish and I have fresh barbecued salmon. I also bought fresh asparagus and free range eggs but could have easily been persuaded to buy homemade fudge, cakes, nut butter and fresh waffles. I would say it was better than any farmer’s market I had been to before and the relaxed but busy atmosphere meant nobody noticed Chris and I gawping at everything as it all looked so good.

Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday so we will be twelve hours ahead of the UK until the end of October when UK clocks go back making it thirteen hours ahead. Confusing I know!

The National election in New Zealand will finally be over on Saturday. People here have been voting for two weeks but Saturday is the final day. The last poll showed the National party at 43% and Labour at 36% where it was much closer a few weeks ago.

The Ring of Fire has been rumbling this week with earthquakes around the line including Mexico, Japan and New Zealand. There were quakes at the top and the bottom of the south island but here in the middle of the two we weren’t aware of anything until we saw it on the news. Christchurch Council are testing their tsunami warning sirens at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday morning but it’s extremely unlikely that we will here them as we are too far from the coast and well outwith the tsunami risk zone.

A day or so over the three months since it left Scotland our belongings arrived at the house on Tuesday. It would be fair to say I was a little excited. It was just like Christmas, not sure what to open first. Having more shoes to pick from than a pair of trainers and a pair of walking boots is wonderful as well as the goodies shown in this week’s photo. Chris’s vodka is safely stashed away in the freezer away from our other housemates. Chris has waited about ten years to get this vodka from Norway so I can’t imagine he will want to share it. I however offered Rhonda one of the prized caramel wafers, it was no surprise that she loved it. We have most of the boxes unpacked, the computer and hard drives are fully functioning and we’ve replaced the basic tv in our room with our lovely high spec LG. Yay for having high-quality technology again. One surprise is that our Amazon Echo works here in NZ, as Amazon isn’t set up here I wasn’t confident but Alexa is back in our lives with her awful jokes, useless facts, Star Trek sayings and music library. Chris’s mum is currently organising a box to send out to us with a few things we’ve realised we need including gallons of factor 50 sun cream (it’s about four times the price here) oh and a bar of Galaxy to go with the cups of M&S tea – bliss!

We moved on to our next pub quiz this week, this time at The Bog. It’s an Irish themed pub that used to be in Cashel Street in the middle of town but had to move after the quake and is reasonably close to the house. It looked a bit dark from the outside with workies always sat outside smoking so had never drawn us in but we had a great time on Thursday and will definitely be back though we need to get some of our housemates or people from Chris’s work along as our lack of Australian general knowledge and Kiwi sport is pulling us back though we were second last this week which is an improvement. Chris has ear-marked Monday night steak offer for a future visit.

The weather has been a bit rubbish here this week and September generally, it makes no sense but it was warmer in winter. It’s meant that the magnolia and cherry blossom have all but gone though the trees are slowly beginning to turn green. There’s apparently a shortage of veggies in NZ just now because of the winter weather. Given they want $9 a kilo (£5 per kilo) for courgettes or shallots I am currently thinking about growing my own in pots in the garden. However, Australia is having a heatwave at the moment and they are sending some of it our way so it should be early twenties by Monday – hurrah! I’m planing a trip to the beach while Chris is at work.

Given the poor weather there has been no time to video this week but hopefully I’ll make up for it this week. Here’s some short videos from the farmer’s market last weekend.


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