It’s almost Spring

It’s been a good week of weather here but we have not got used to it. I still get excited when I look out the window and see blue sky, sunshine and no clouds. It was minus 1 the other morning so clearly it’s still winter but by the afternoon it gets up to a comfortable 17 degrees which is a good Summers day in my books. Needless to say Chris is starting to burn on top and I still look out of place in my sleeveless tops while locals are still in their North Face jackets and jumpers. Needless to say we are both getting a nice healthy tan. We will acclimitise before the 32 degrees summer arrives.


Nothing too exciting to report this week. Two of our housemates, Danny and Rhonda, have gone to a wedding in Australia so the house has been very quiet. We’ve had movie nights with Andrew and Chris and had the chance to get to know them better. I have been playing episodes of Still Game since they both love Mrs Brown’s Boys though they don’t always understand all of it.

Video messenging is helping me not miss family as much. I did my first video chat last Friday for my Dad’s birthday enjoying using all the effects of bunny ears and flame throwing. My mum has worked out she can use her phone anywhere to video call so I got the chance to see my gran the other day while they were waiting in the doctors surgery. Poor gran didn’t really understand how it works and was putting to phone to her ear.


Chris seems to be settling into work fine. He has bought a new bike so he can cycle to work. We find it funny that for all we hear about Kiwis having a healthy outdoor lifestyle they recoil in horror at the thought of walking anywhere. There are plenty cycle lanes across the city and Chris has about 3.5 miles to get to work.

I found a butchers that sells chicken at $9 per kilo which is pretty much the same as back home. However silverside beef joints are only $7.50 per kilo. It still doesn’t make sense. I’m struggling to find sparkling water here which is a shame as I had almost given up my love of Pepsi Max for it. Almost all everyday shopping is more expensive here. However I have found that we can use eBay and Amazon Australia here so there are ways to beat the norm. I ordered trousers for Chris from Debenhams who deliver from England to NZ for free – yay!


Our plans for the weekend involve going to areas of the city called New Brighton and Sumner to see what they are like. Both are on the coast so I’ll post some photos next week.

Here’s a photo of the early daffodils at Cathedral Square. All the photos this week are from as they a much better job than me.


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